Janet Guthrie: A Life at Full Throttle
Lots of folks ask us, “What’s it like to be a woman in racing?” Well, if you want to get the real behind-the-scene scoop on what it’s like to be the first woman in Gasoline Alley (Indy), or one of the first women to run with the boys in NASCAR, then this book is a must read…Janet Guthrie is a living legend, and a good friend of Thunder Valley Racing, providing encouragement and kindness to us over the years…We are pleased to provide high recommendations for her book “Janet Guthrie: A Life at Full Throttle.” janetguthriebookcover3x5

Janet Guthrie’s own account of her racing adventures (Sport Classic Books, May 2005, $24.95) is available through bookstores and on line at, etc.

“The year’s best books took us deep into the psyches of competitors like…race car driver Janet Guthrie, who wrote her own profile in courage…Guthrie turned out an uplifting work that is one of the best books ever written about racing–and establishes her as one of the sport’s most eloquent voices.”–Sports Illustrated, December 19, 2005

For an autographed and/or personalized copy of “Janet Guthrie: A Life at Full Throttle,” send $30 ($24.95 plus S&H) to:
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