About TVR

Our people and our vision

Thunder Valley Racing is an automobile racing promotions, marketing, and management company created to develop women race car drivers.

The Thunder Valley Racing web site celebrates, supports, and promotes women in racing at all levels of the sport. The site was created and is maintained by an amazing group of volunteers. These women (and a few men) have built a true community of women racers and their fans.

We have a vision of Thunder Valley Racing as the recognized point of entry for women race car drivers into the mainstream ranks of nationally and internationally known drivers. Our multi-faceted promotional program maximizes the intrinsic marketing advantages of women drivers.

We welcome your involvement with us. Your thoughts, your ideas, your talents can all be put to good use in making the vision of Thunder Valley Racing a reality.

If you would like to become part of the Thunder Valley Racing volunteer team, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

About the Site Design

This site design is entitled “Courtesy Flag” and is subtitled, “Look out, boys, we’re coming up fast!” Using the bold colors found on the race track, this theme echoes the blue and yellow courtesy flag used on the racetrack to let a racer know another car is quickly approaching and may be passing them so the frontrunner is not surprised when it happens.

We thought this theme was especially appropriate for Thunder Valley since the purpose of this site is to support women drivers and help them move up in racing. It also portrays the excitement of the race track and the many different kinds of racing women are involved in today.